Student Activities

NSTU is very conscious to preserve Bangladesh's culture. It celebrates International Mother Language Day, Pahela Baishak, Bosonta Baron, Independence Day, Victory Day, University Day, International Anti Drug Day, Friendship Day and other national and international days with actual manner. It also arrange Programming contest and intra- and inter-collage and university debates.

The university has strong cricket, football, volleyball and badminton teams. Intradepartment and interdepartment sport competition is held regularly indoors and outdoors. The university takes parts in inter-university competitions.
To arrange these event there are some organization. Details here -

NSTU Journalist Association


Nurul Karim
Applied Math, 6th Batch
Campas Live News & Noakhali Pratidin
Phone: 01826104104

Joint Convener

Rezaul Karim Bhuiyan Sohag
Applied Math, 6th Batch
Noakhalir Kotha
Phone: 01811849284
Hafij Ullah Shamim
English, 6th Batch
Phone: 01829704731


Tarikul Islam Shawon
Phone: 01746272924
Ahsan Habib( Ayman)
Phone: 01676234143
Kamrul Hasan Sakim
Phone: 01723902157
Blood Donors Society (NSTU)

Blood Donors Society (NSTU) is a blood donating society of NSTU and its main goal is to collect fresh, hygienic blood and raising awareness. Blood Donors Society works for motivating people for voluntary blood donation and taking part in service and awareness program. It dreams by Initiating social movement to build up a healthy society through. It has various other aims:

1.Blood collecting and donating

2.Raising awareness concerning blood donating

3.Celebrating special days concerning blood donating

4.Collecting blood group of all NSTU students

5.Arranging blood group campaign

6.Connecting people with seminars

Details: Facebook Page
Contact Person: Hasibur Rahman 01676541593, Shorif Ahmed Niloy 01786325870 is a popular medicinal website in Bangladesh, which aims to provide healthcare information throughout the country. is founded and run by a team of pharmacy students of Noakhali Science and Technology University. Currently, this site is providing the information about pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical products and hospitals in Bangladesh. You also find an informative study room with a lot of pharmacy and medical related contents.

Details: Facebook Page
NSTU Open Source Network (NSTU OSN)
Open source network activities:
Open Source Network started their journey in Noakhali Science and Technology University from 26 April 2008. Several workshops were arranged by nstu_osn.     * Ubuntu installation and administrative uses
    * Open Source philosophy and introducing with PHP, Joomla & wordpress
    * Workshop on mid-level Wordpress
    * Workshop on fedora core
    * Workshop on Red Hat Linux Administration This local OSN does some jobs related to IT application such as software, website development and so on
Programming Club
Based in the School of Computer Science and IT, CSTE Programming Club provides a stimulating, cooperative environment where students can interact and learn from each other by solving various programming problems. Each year we try to enter teams into regional programming competitions as part of the Association for Computing Machinery International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM-ICPC).     * Gain and develop good programming skills and general problem solving skills
    * Learn how to work in a team
    * Develop programming solutions using various data structures, sorting algorithms, arithmetic, algebra, graph algorithms, and number theory
    * Start a potential research project which may lead to postgrad studies
    * Learn from senior and more experienced students
    * Have fun with other fellow students!
Moshal is an literary and cultural organization of Noakhali Science and Technology University. It has lightened a campus based cultural movement. It works for arousing latent literary and cultural talents in the NSTU family. It is also trying to spread the view of a good culture among the people. Our purpose is to cherish Bangalee culture and tradition in our heart and flourish them in our works. It works for creating a wonderful cultural atmosphere in the university campus.

1. Publishing: Little Magazine, Wallpaper, Bulletin.
2. Organizing Cultural Programs: National Days Celebration, Sahitta Asor.
3. Spreading: Beliefs of Independence War, Beliefs of Humanity.
Contact Person: Kamrul Huda, 01913147411
Science Mania
Science Mania Let science thoughts be easy and interesting Science Mania is a science thoughts platform of Noakhali Science and Technology University. The science maniac people of this organization are working on spreading ongoing world, what is going in the science arena, heartthrob science verses technology news, gorgeous approaches of technology and of course easier and modern science. In these days, science and technology is the first and foremast weapon to go ahead. It is a matter of great sorrow that, usually in our country science is described as a hazy and ambiguous thing from the very beginning of our childhood. So our children and young students cherished a fear for science in their heart. But in real view, science is not so. We, science mania believe that science can be interesting and easy. Simple, easy and friendly explanation of science can fight with this fear and make our people interested on science thinking. Beautiful implementation of science and technology in every sector of society can move the world to a new dimension. If you want to know science and spread the science among the people, you are cordially welcome to the family of science mania.

1. In every weak we organize a weekly discussion.
2. We organize a seminar monthly
3. We publish a “Science Deyal Potrika ” in every month.
Contact Person: Rabiul Awal, 01827893381
Shitbostro Songroh Andolon
It is a volunteering organization of NSTU. It is established on the motoes of voluntarism, patriotism and humanism. Volunteering is a young phenomenon. Our young volunteers spread the hand of mankind. They are always ready to jumpwith their helping hand in any crisis of our country. The cheerful heroes of the group holds a cordial heart for the winter striken people of Bangladesh. Every winter it collects warm clothes from local areas and bitoron kore among the warm striken poor people. In 2012-13, It has collected a some of three hundred and fifty bosta of warm clothes from Choumuhoni, Maijdee, Begumganj, Sonapur and bitoron it at Nolerchar, Nolangirchar, Janatabajar in Hatia and Noakhali. It also works for the floating childrens of the locality. You are most welcome to the volunteering platform of NSTU.
Contact Person: Anik Das, 01729443322
An weekly ‘Adda’ and they discuss about the literature, culture, music and the society. They believe that literature can make a cultural revolution in the mindset of the generation. It had brought out a fine Wall Paper, ‘Kothonika’ with fresh literary outputs of university students.

1. Publishing: Little Magazine, Wallpaper, Bulletin.
2. Organizing Cultural Programs: Memories the famous literary person, Sahitta Asor.
3. Spreading: Beliefs of Independence War, Beliefs of Humanity.

Our Facebook Page:

Contact Person: Iru Khairul Karim, 01684980185
Pharma Mirror
Pharma Mirror – First online free access professional pharmaceutical magazine of its kind in the world. Pharma Mirror has an International Standard Serial Number ISSN 2219-763X of its own and it has been assigned by ISSN Center, Paris.

Pharma Mirror is founded by Fahad Hussain, a student of pharmacy department of this university with his team comprised of other few students of the same department. He is also acting as the Editor of this magazine. This is a great achievement of the students of the Pharmacy Department of Noakahali science and Technology University.

Pharma Mirror is introducing pharmaceutical journalism over the pharma arena. It represents drugs directory, pharma events listing, current pharma job circulars of Bangladesh, pharmaceutical articles, pharmaceutical news & innovation, pharma leader’s interview, featured pharma company profile, pharmacy & medical case studies, pharmacy study materials.

PharmaMirror is an internationally accepted pharma media and completed successful media partnerships with World's renowned event management companies like Terrapinn Singapore, JFPS Malaysia, Opal Events USA, WTG UK, UBM India, Cphi Conferences, Virtue Insight India, FlemingEurope, BIT LifeScience, IMAPAC, CatalystGlobal etc. in more than 12 countries like USA, UK, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Bangladesh.

Pharma Mirror participated at Asia Pharma Expo 2011 with a stall named 'Pharma Mirror'at Bangabondhu Int’l Conference Center; Dhaka, Bangladesh. Pharma Mirror was a also media partner of that event. Pharma Mirror team also participated at FIP World Congress 2011; Hyderabad, India & Biosimilars Congression 2012, UK.

Pharma Mirror believes in cutting-edge peer reviewed contents over the pharma arena.
Biggan Bangla
Biggan Bangla is a science website where they share knowledge all about science. This website is leading by the CSTE 4th Batch. They also publish Galactica Magazine periodically.
All Basic Concepts Of Technology In bangla like as wikipedia style ! you can say it a technology dictionary. It's very helpful site for IT department. This website is leading by CSTE5th Batch.
Desktop software:
"Coding" Magazine is published by CSTE7th batch. Here they included technical article, story, science fiction and etc.
Economicsbd Magazine
It's rudimentary educative magazine, in Bangladesh launched by Md. Mahmudul Islam Khan a student associated with Economics and poverty studies department of the University with his team consists of additional couple of university’s students from the very same department.

The very proposition of instituting the magazine is to provide miscellaneous info including economical articles, economics events listing, current economical job circulars of Bangladesh, featured of Bank, NGOs profile, economical news and innovation.
Facebook Page: Economicsbdmagazine
Coastal Environment Network(CEN)
"Coastal Environment Network(CEN)" is from Department of Environmental Science and Hazard studies of Noakhali Science and technology University.

It was established with immense hope for maintaining a peaceful, warm, pollution free Environment and to develop mechanisms to protect our sacred sites, land, water, air, natural resources, health of both our people and all living things, and to build economically sustainable communities.

The Coastal Environment Network (CEN) facilitates networking among environmental organisations and others who share its mandate to protect the Earth and promote ecologically sound ways of life.The CEN works directly with concerned citizens and organisations striving to protect, preserve, and restore the environment. This Coastal Environment Network family is fully determined to gain its ultimate goal of success.
Facebook group:
DreamBazz Filmz
Films tell the story of life. Film is a combination of happiness , sadness, pain, hatred, anger, music,dance, architecture, sculpture. For the centuries, films have been playing a pivotal role in changing the society. Therefore, we organize a film society named " DreamBazz Filmz " at NSTU in order to change the society through our films.We,some youngsters of NSTU dream to bring the story of life on big screen.We, belive that film is a journey of life.You can also be a proud passanger of this amazing journey.

1.We hold weekly meeting to discuss about films.
2.We ask stories and scripts for short films and full length movies through competition.
3.We make short films and full length movies from selected stories.

Our Running Project:
এটা গল্প হলেও পারতো।(eta golpo holeo parto)
Our Upcoming Project:
ILLUSION-A short film.
Facebook page: DreamBazz Filmz
Campus Procchod(Quarterly)

Somakolon Media Group

Our slogan : Media is for humanity our work.

1. To create literature lover

2. To create debater

3. To create writer for humanity

4. To create journalist for humanity our literatured publication: "quarterly campus procchod"

5. To celebrate literature related day

6. To create writer & reader platform in nstu

Editor : Mohammad nurul karim

Associated Editor: Hafiz Ullah Shamim


Fb Page: Campusprocchod